In Queensland, all drivers need to be aware of the complex rules and requirements when driving
These laws are strictly enforced

Traffic charges do include offenses pertaining to Unlicensed driving, Disqualified driving, Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death.

Drink & drug driving charges are equally enforced. Driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs is taken very seriously in Queensland and the penalties are becoming much. It is becoming increasingly more difficult for defendants to avoid having their licenses suspended.

There are mandatory minimum disqualifications in relation to a number of offences. Police can also suspend your license immediately should your BAC reading be higher than .10.

If you have been charged with any alcohol or drug related driving offences you should get legal advice from us immediately
Losing your licence could impact on your employment and your family

Please be aware that it is also an offence to not comply with a police officer when he makes a requirement for you to participate in an alcohol or drug test.

If you have been stopped by police and charged with a drink-driving offence it is vital that you contact us immediately so we can provide you with the best advice and representation.

You may be eligible to apply for a restricted licence which allows you to continue driving for work purposes.

At E & H Law we are able to advise you on the best course in relation to your charges and improve your chances at sentence.

Assault offences
Assault is a broad category that refers to the use or threatened use of force by one person against another which is not authorised, justified or excused by law. They can be categorised into 5 main areas.
Drug offences
Drug offences cover charges such as possession, production, and trafficking of controlled substances. The charges will vary based on the amounts and type of drugs, it is serious and can have lasting consequences.
Driving offences
In Queensland, all drivers need to be aware of the complex rules and requirements when driving any vehicle on any road. These laws and any traffic charges are strictly enforced as are drink driving or driving under the influence of drugs.
Dishonesty offences
Dishonesty offences and can cover a broad range of circumstances where a person can obtain property, take advantage, gain a benefit, or cause detriment to another person. These types of offences can be quite minor to extremely serious.
Sexual offences
Sexual offences are normally associated with, rape and attempted rape, sexual assault, possessing child exploitation material, unlawful carnal knowledge, sexual offences against children and indecent acts and are serious.
Domestic violence
Domestic violence is behaviour in a relationship that is physically, sexually, emotionally, psychologically or economically abusive, threatening, coercive or in any other way controls or dominates the second person.

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